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Privacy Policy

We're developers just like you. We know how valuable our GitHub accounts are. We also know how boring privacy policies are so here is TL;DR version...

DevSpace does not write anything to your GitHub account. Using DevSpace will not change your profile, your organizations, your public and private repositories, your deploy keys, your webhooks, your wiki pages, etc. DevSpace simply provides a read-only dashboard for GitHub user activity.

Now if you want more details, continue reading below for the complete privacy statement for DevSpace.

GitHub permissions

We provide two different login options for our users. You can choose between authorizing access to only public GitHub repositories or authorizing access to both public and private GitHub repositories.

When you sign in to DevSpace for the first time, you will be redirected to GitHub to authorize DevSpace to access information from your GitHub account. Unfortunately, GitHub permissions appear to be much broader than are actually required by DevSpace to function.

We want to be very clear with what information will be used, so below you'll find exactly what we access and store.

User data

DevSpace will use certain atributes available for each user for display within the application as may be identified in Github’s public API (for example, see

The only additional information we require is the email address you use to login on GitHub. We require your email address as way to contact you in the future to keep you informed about DevSpace (for example, to notify you about changes to the DevSpace service, the terms of service, or this privacy policy, etc).

Liferay, the company behind this app, will only use your email address in accordance with Liferay’s privacy policy, available at

Repository data

Remember when we said how GitHub's permissions may appear to be broader than required? Well, just in order to show events from your private repositories, we need to request write access to your public and private repositories.

We agree that this sounds scary but you can rest assured, we do not change or store code from your public and private projects.

App interaction

In order to continually improving DevSpace for you, we need to identify how users are using it. That's why we use Mixpanel to track click interactions and Inspectlet to track navigation interactions. You can check their privacy policies at and

Any questions?

Feel free to send an email to [email protected] if you would like more information regarding the privacy of your data.